Along with the collapse of Roman rule inside the early 5th century, London ceased to be a money, plus the walled town of Londinium was correctly deserted, While Roman civilisation ongoing in the region of St Martin-in-the-Fields right up until all over 450.[sixty five] From all over five hundred, an Anglo-Saxon settlement often known as Lundenwic f… Read More

تلاوة هزت القلوب للشيخ مشاري بن راشد العفاسي سورة الرحمن‫المراسم‬‫وقواعدها‬‫واستخدمت‬‫منذ‬‫زمن‬،‫طويل‬‫ويعتقد‬‫البعض‬‫أن‬‫قواعد‬‫المراسم‬‫قد‬‫ولى‬،‫زمانها‬واذا انقطع … Read More